Welcome to Dinky Loves !!!
Welcome to Dinky Loves !!!
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Fresh Squeezed ORANGE JUICE Bath Bomb / Bath Bombs / Bath Fizzy / Bubble Bath
Dinky Loves Bath & Body LLC

Fresh Squeezed ORANGE JUICE Bath Bomb / Bath Bombs / Bath Fizzy / Bubble Bath

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Fresh Squeezed ORANGE JUICE BATH BOMB - weights 2.90 oz. each

This bath bomb is a little special. Besides being completely adorably cute, the frosting on top is a solid bubble bath. This can be popped off the top to use separately for best bubble results or used with the bath bomb. Just hold frosting under running water.

Bath Bombs are meant to relax, entertain and moisturize your skin. This bath bomb does all three.

This Fragrance smells like the aroma of a fresh peeled orange.

The gorgeous vibrant colors will turn your water an orange color and watching your bath bomb fizz is a lot of fun.

Relax away your day with a nostalgic dreams of carnival cotton candy days.

Made with : baking soda, citric acid, cream of tartar, dendritic salt, kaolin clay, olive oil, fragrance, lake dyes,  polysorbate 80

Bubble Frosting ingredients: I tapioca powder, cream of tartar, distilled water, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate powder, sci powder, cocoa butter, optiphen plus (preservative), fragrance, lake dyes



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