Welcome to Dinky Loves !!!
Welcome to Dinky Loves !!!
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Sudsy Shampoo Bars
Sudsy Shampoo Bars
Sudsy Shampoo Bars
Sudsy Shampoo Bars
Dinky Loves Bath & Body LLC

Sudsy Shampoo Bars

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Shampoo Bars are a nice replacement to the good old plastic shampoo bottle. I encourage you to research ingredients to choose just the right bar for yourself. Only you know your hair. These are all basically formulated for all hair types, follow with a Dinky Loves conditioner bar.

Each bar weighs - 65 grams - You may get 35- 50 washes depending on your hair length and how much you use during one shower/bath and how often you wash your hair.

I make no guarantees with this product, during testing phase all participants were very happy and some have even abandoned plastic bottled shampoo for good.


Ingredients List:

All bars have: sci powder, sci noodles, slsa, panthenol, cocamidopropyl betaine, hydrolyzed silk protein, btms 25 ( conditioner), cetyl alcohol, liquid germall plus ( preservative)

Mane Tamer (purple bar) - scented in Essential oils only - lavender, geranium, tea tree oil, olive oil, castor oil, argan oil

Smooth Oasis ( green bar) 2 scents available - Green Tea or Honey Bunny  - Olive oil, sweet almond oil, green tea extract

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